17 Healthy Foods With Sugar, You Won’t Believe

It is a sad fact that many large companies only look at the profit that they can make while ignoring the health of the consumer.

Healthy Foods You Won't Believe Are Full of Added Sugar

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Apple sauce is a delicious snack that delights not only kids but adults as well.

Most companies add a large amount of sugar to their apple sauce to give it that delightful taste.

Be sure to check for “no sugar added,” or take a few moments and make your apple sauce with cinnamon.

Nut Butter

You try to eat healthily and decide to use nut butter instead of the standard peanut butter, which is not healthy food.

Perhaps you forgot to check that nut butter to see if there is any added sugar.

It can happen, and for some people, you may even want to magnify glass with you, due to the tiny print on the food labels.


Instant oatmeal, maybe your usual breakfast as you prepare to go exercise.

Yet instant oatmeal has added sugar. Instead, think of purchasing steel-cut oats, take a moment to make it, and add a few slices of green apples to get that natural sugar fix.

Barbeque Sauce

We all love to slather barbeque sauce or even a type of hot sauce on our steaks and chicken. But most sauces that come in a jar, whether barbeque or honey garlic, have added sugar.

Remember that if you are tempted to add some steak sauce to that pot of spaghetti sauce, you have on the stove.

Fruit Juice

Are you a runner or love to go to the gym? Leave the flavored waters on the grocery store shelf. They have added sugar or, in some cases, have concentrated fruit juice added to make it taste sweet.

Boiled water that is cooled overnight and then perked up with slices of lemon or lime is a very cost-effective alternative.

Salads Dressings

Salads are a very healthy lunch or even a side dish at dinner.

You will see all types of flavored dressings at your grocery store, but you need to avoid that aisle. Salad dressings are filled with added sugar and can have 20 plus grams of sugar in just one small helping.

Consider using pure virgin olive oil or balsamic vinegar instead. Balsamic vinegar has a tiny amount of natural sugar from the grapes.


Hikers love beef jerky as a snack while out in the fresh air.

Yet, beef jerky has gone from plain to a variety of flavors such as spicy sriracha. These flavored turkeys and beef jerky snacks should be avoided because they have added processed sugar.

Energy bars

Energy bars are not precisely tasty, and that was brought to the manufacturers’ attention many years ago.

The response was to create energy bars with added sugars and processed fruits.

While you may consider energy bars as a very portable snack for the gym or the hiking trail, be aware of what the added sugar content is.

Tomato Paste

We use canned tomatoes and tomato paste regularly to make our favorite foods. But those cans of tomatoes have loads of sugar added.

There are sugar-free tomato sauces available in certain stores. Growing and blending your tomatoes for sauces is rewarding in many ways.

The Bottled Marinates

For marinating and cooking meat, you should be using only natural ingredients like olive oil.

By doing some investigation, you can find additional methods such as chopped kiwi fruit to marinate your beef.

Why would you do that?

One check of the bottled marinates at the grocery store might shock you, with all the added sugar. Yes, they taste great, but sometimes you have to sacrifice taste for your overall health.


Do you take vitamins for your health? If so, you may want to avoid those cute little gummy vitamins.

They have added sugar so that people can chew them without a bitter taste.


Coffee is a real problem when it comes to sugar. Black coffee is the best for you, and you need to find a tasty brand without being too expensive.

Coffee shops have gone overboard with offering coffee laden with heavy creams and added sweeteners.

Many people order drinks that are vastly different from real coffee.

Try drinking your coffee black or even with a bit of cinnamon added. Real cinnamon has many health benefits, and unlike processed sugar, it is excellent for you.

As soon as an individual has handled to eliminate the most apparent sugar from their diet plan, they can turn their attention to other items that contain sugar.

Corn Syrup

Checking out item labels can assist them recognize kinds of sugars to prevent.

Sugar is and has lots of names in various syrups and concentrates.

Individuals ought to likewise know that any product on an active ingredients list ending “– ose” is likewise a kind of sugar.

Examples of these components consist of

  • sucrose
  • glucose
  • dextrose
  • fructose
  • lactose

Granola Bars

Granola Bars They seem like organic food; however, lots of include sweeteners like corn syrup, brown sugar, honey, brown sugar syrup, fructose, and dextrose.

Granola Bars

Products such as salad dressing and dressings, pasta sauce, breakfast cereals, milk, and granola bars frequently have sugar in their active ingredients list.

Straight, unflavored granola bars are much better but not fantastic.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are likewise lower on the glycemic index than routine spuds, sealing their location amongst the very best foods for people with diabetes.

Specific veggies and root veggies such as carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, potatoes, parsnips, and yams likewise consist of natural sugars.

Consisting of a carbohydrate source like sweet potatoes in your meals can fight this by including calories to your snacks and making them more well balanced while supplying you the sweet taste you’re yearning.

Dried Fruit

Select entire fruits over dried fruits and fruit juices, as they tend to consist of less calories due to a flatter concentration of natural sugar.

Dried fruit With all the water gotten, has far more sugar by volume than fresh fruits.

Combine them with cheese and unsweetened dried fruit for a simple appetizer or stand-alone treat.

Flavored Yogurt

Flavored Yogurt
Added Sugar in Flavored Yogurt | Feed Them Wisely

Fruit-flavored ranges might taste much better. However, they likewise load upwards of 4 teaspoons of sugar (Yoplait’s Original Flavored Yogurt has a tremendous seven teaspoons!).

Even low-fat flavored yogurts can have 17 to 33 grams of sugar per 8-ounce serving (consisting of naturally in the milk yogurt is made from).

Which one are your favorite Healthy Foods With Sugar?