6 Potential Benefits of Turmeric for the Skin

Turmeric has proven to be beneficial for the body and mind.

Turmeric is a tasty ingredient in many foods and remedies, but that’s not where its usefulness stops. This spice is also super beneficial for the skin.

Learn more about all the benefits of turmeric for your skin.

the benefits of turmeric for the skin
The Benefits of Turmeric For The Skin

Turmeric can help rejuvenate and heal your face in many ways.

What is Turmeric?

Turmeric is a spice that comes from the turmeric plant.

The root of the turmeric plant is what we’re referring to when we say “turmeric.”

When ground up, turmeric is a yellow-orange powder used in Asian dishes—it’s the primary spice used in curry and gives it that yellow color. 

The healing power of turmeric also has ties to traditional Ayurveda medicinal practices. Turmeric contains the chemical “curcumin,” which helps combat pain and inflammation in the body.

When ingested, turmeric helps fight against things like:

  • Arthritis
  • Digestive disorders
  • Liver disease
  • Respiratory infections
  • Allergies

Although inflammation can be beneficial to help your body heal, too much of it can lead to pain, redness, and swelling.

Ingesting turmeric isn’t the only way to reap the health benefits it provides. What if you could incorporate it into your moisturizer to give your skin a healthy glow?

We can also mix this spice into a variety of different serums, creams, and masks to rejuvenate and heal your skin.

The Benefits of Turmeric for the Skin

Most of the benefits of turmeric for the skin come from the curcumin it contains.

Turmeric is full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components. As mentioned, when digested, these components can help heal your body from the inside out.

But it works topically as well.

Turmeric and Curcumin Health Benefits
Reference: Turmeric and Curcumin Health Benefits

We can purchase turmeric in a powder form or essential oil form—for this article, we’ll mainly focus on the powder form because it doesn’t require dilution like the oil.

We’ve already established some of the turmeric’s benefits for the skin in general, but we can take its healing properties even further.

Your skin is the biggest organ on your body, and your face deserves special attention when caring for it. Turmeric can help rejuvenate and heal your face in many ways.

Listed below are different ways you can make at-home, DIY turmeric products.

If you’re not into DIY face masks and salves, never fear.

Check out this website for ready-made beauty products that feature turmeric as a prominent ingredient.

Help Combat Psoriasis Symptoms

It can aid in psoriasis treatment, both topically and orally.

Using a turmeric and water paste (recipe found here) can help you control your psoriasis flare-ups.

Routinely applying this mixture overnight on your psoriasis outbreaks can help speed up the healing process and reduce its look in just 9-12 weeks.

Heal Wounds Faster

Turmeric also helps heal wounds! You can help decrease the inflammation and oxidation of your cut by applying a turmeric mixture.

Soothing turmeric and water (or coconut oil) paste on your cleansed wound promotes faster healing and less scarring.

You can find the full recipe for this salve here.

Skin Brightening

Turmeric can help bring out the inner beauty of your skin, especially your face.

Using a facemask of turmeric, honey, and Greek yogurt can help brighten and illuminate your skin.

By utilizing turmeric in this manner, you can help reset and heal facial pigmentation issues with simple ingredients.

Reverse Sun Damage and Aging

Turmeric is also beneficial in combatting the effects of sun damage and aging. When incorporated into your nightly facial routine, this spice will help keep your skin supple and restore elasticity to reduce wrinkles and signs of aging.

Check out this site for a turmeric night serum that helps rejuvenate during the night, leaving your skin invigorated in the morning.

Heal Acne and Scarring

Acne scarring is a severe dermatological issue that many people struggle with.

Luckily, turmeric can help reduce this as well! Turmeric helps target pores and calms your skin, so it does double duty by targeting irregular pigmentation and actively fighting acne-causing bacteria.

You can combine turmeric with any typical DIY face mask ingredients (like apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, honey, yogurt, or aloe) to fight acne and help heal scarring that’s already occurred.

Remove or Lessen Facial Hair

Along with acne, facial hair is another thing many people struggle with combating.

Check out this recipe for an at-home turmeric-based facial hair remover. Using this paste will target thin hair first, and may take a few uses before it breaks down coarser hair.

Although it doesn’t compare to waxing or shaving, this can be a less abrasive method of hair removal.

Essential Things to Remember About Turmeric

As beneficial as turmeric is for the skin, there are a few essential things to remember.

Turmeric’s beautiful yellow-orange pigment stains easily. Be sure to avoid spilling it on your clothes, as it will remain in the fabric.

If you’re worried about the turmeric-infused items in this article staining your face, don’t worry.

To avoid this, you can use a gentle exfoliator or a toner like a witch hazel to remove the yellow pigment.

Chemically, turmeric has low “bioavailability”—this means that there is a set amount of turmeric your body can absorb.

The limit is small, so your body won’t consume a lot of turmerics, and your metabolism will burn it off quickly.

This doesn’t mean turmeric is not beneficial; it just means you need to be mindful of how often you’re using it to make sure your skin’s health improves.

Don’t use any DIY turmeric items more than once a day, and you’ll have to contend with the staining it can cause.

As with any new product for your skin, make sure you conduct a “patch test!” Patch tests ensure you won’t react when you apply it to your entire face (or any other areas).

If you feel any discomfort like itching, burning, or irritation, it’s best to discontinue use of the product.

Use Turmeric to Your Advantage

Turmeric is beneficial for both the inside and outside of the body.

Give any of these turmeric remedies a try to heal and rejuvenate your skin, seeing firsthand the benefits of turmeric for the skin.

From scars to damage to overall glow, your skin will thank you for using turmeric-infused products.