8 Beginners Meditation Tips

Just like cooking (prepping, cooking, and eating), meditation needs a bit of prep time, and then the actual reflection, followed by the assessment of what you have done.

Meditation Tips

Once you follow these essential steps, you will reap the rewards of meditation. Here are eight tips.

  1. Do your meditation at the same time of day. The best time is upon waking and before eating. When you roll out of bed, take a moment to stretch out the body, and fill your lungs with air.

    Inhale deep, exhale hard. Stretching will work out any kinks in your body, and you need to do this so that you may sit comfortably without any soreness.

    Getting that air is essential to clear your head and get oxygen to the brain before giving it some light exercise with meditating. 
  2. Having a comfortable and quiet spot to meditate will make it easier for you to engage your mind. Try to use the same location every day.

    You can use some favorite light pillows and perhaps even scented candles.

    Life sometimes throws you a curveball, so if you miss your meditation time and place, that doesn’t mean skip the day.

    This is the time to be creative and find that quiet park with a babbling fountain.
  3. Comfort during meditation is essential. So unless you already engage in Yoga or similar sports that give you great flexibility, don’t get wrapped in the idea of sitting cross-legged.

    Most people find this awkward. Instead, find your proper posture and sitting zone. It might be a big soft, comfortable chair that envelopes you, and it feels like a giant hug.

    This spot should allow you to comfortably place your feet on the floor and hands in lap.

    You may try putting a comfortable small blanket over your chest and shoulders to keep the warmth in the heart area.

    When you are ready, it is time to lull yourself into a meditative zone.
  4. When you start meditating for the first time, you may go through what doctors call
    “getting worse before better.”

    For any mind work, this means that you may have negative thoughts or feelings that this just isn’t working for you.

    Instead of giving up, acknowledge those feelings as they are part of you at the moment, but they won’t stay at the forefront forever…instead, they will be at the back of your mind.

    As you close your eyes, take in air through your nose but in the same pattern as you usually do. Do not breathe deeply and power exhale. Just do it usually and note how the air comes in; your chest rises and falls.

    Rinse and repeat, and this will allow your body and mind to relax. Be mindful of what you need to do now and later in the day, without attaching any big emotions.
  5. It is a good idea to have a journal for your meditations. After each one, take a few moments to ask yourself questions about how you feel?

    Do you feel refreshed, or is that slight case of the blues now gone? Do you have clarity about what the day holds for you?

    Do not get angry with yourself if you miss your meditation time. Instead, write down in your journal whether it was a valid reason or one you made up to escape doing your meditation.

    After writing down the explanation, question why you did and what you can do to ensure that you don’t come up with the same excuse again.
  6. Now is an excellent time to write out the benefits of meditation.

    What did you hope to accomplish today, and what are your goals for tomorrow and the rest of the week?
  7. Sometimes we like to give ourselves a score on how we did on a particular project, such as, “that was only a five, wow that was bad, and how will I get to ten out of ten?

    For meditation, avoid criticizing each session as for sure you have accomplished something good with each one.

    Be happy and content with your sessions, as meditation is something you will be doing for the rest of your life. 
  8. Accountability is a hack that has become very popular.

    Instead of putting it all on your shoulders, find someone who has the same interest as you and help each other in your quest to achieve peace and calmness.